Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 in review

Ok, ok....bad blogger. BUT....bad blogger has been a good photographer! :)

I've been so busy in 2009 that blogging has, once again, fallen to the wayside. This passed Saturday, however, I was at an event with my family when one of my loyal and faithful clients/blog lovers (Yeah for Tracy!) reminded my how "dead" my blog has been lately! I believe her exact words were "I was starting to wonder if you were still alive anymore!" :)

I decided that enough was enough - Tracy was right. You all deserve to see some fun pics already - so here you are! This is a very small snippet of the amazing clients I've had so far in 2009. Perhaps, someday, I'll be able to show off the wonderful folks I had at the tail end of 2008 too! Until then...enjoy!

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