Monday, March 2, 2009

oh my goodness...

So...evidently the "2009 in review" post that I just posted has too many pics on it! To see it, click on the post over on the right hand side of the screen. Enjoy!

2009 in review

Ok, ok....bad blogger. BUT....bad blogger has been a good photographer! :)

I've been so busy in 2009 that blogging has, once again, fallen to the wayside. This passed Saturday, however, I was at an event with my family when one of my loyal and faithful clients/blog lovers (Yeah for Tracy!) reminded my how "dead" my blog has been lately! I believe her exact words were "I was starting to wonder if you were still alive anymore!" :)

I decided that enough was enough - Tracy was right. You all deserve to see some fun pics already - so here you are! This is a very small snippet of the amazing clients I've had so far in 2009. Perhaps, someday, I'll be able to show off the wonderful folks I had at the tail end of 2008 too! Until then...enjoy!