Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Claire

Just before heading out on my trip I was able to photograph the sweetest little baby. Little Claire's parents were actually some of my very first clients when I opened up shop in 2007! Their family has recently grown with the addition of Claire and they couldn't feel more blessed. Though the little peanut fought to stay awake, we finally got her snoozing for some beautiful newborn pics. We squeezed some family shots in too (doesn't mom look FANTASTIC for having a week old???). God bless your whole crew!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

mr. anthony

Little Anthony was in my studio (again - pre California...I'll get caught up soon!) awhile back and he brought along his mom and his VERY loving and doting big sisters. Man, oh man - this little boy is soooooo loved! It was adorable how he responded to all 3 of them, flashing big smiles and hamming it up. What fun!

Anthony's mom asked me to create a collage of "the many faces of Anthony" can check it out and the bottom of this post. I loved her idea of combining these pics and she chose my new favorite size of print (10x20 - and don't worry you CAN find frames rather easily). Always remember that collages are a great way to showcase a series of photos that share a common theme...ask about one at your next session!

Thanks for coming in guys!