Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anthony turns one!

My little buddy Anthony came back in last week for his one year pictures. This was great news for two reasons - 1) I just love this little guy (and his mom pretty great too) so it was wonderful to see them again and 2) it gave me a test subject for my new gray seamless paper (used for a backdrop) that just came in. The votes are in - and I love it! It's such a rich color and it's so great for fall, I think! See for yourself when you look at the middle two pics of Mr. HandsomePants here! :) Enjoy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jumping back in

So I came back from California (in JUNE!).

And then I had a billion awesome, fantastic shoots with my amazing clients.

And I never blogged. Because I was just so busy shooting and editing.

And then I was behind so many session that I didn't know where to start.

Months passed...still no blog.

Then clients started asking, "how come no blog?"

(Insert guilt here)

But where to begin? I can't possibly post all my summer sessions! How do I start this back up again?

At the urge of one of my favorite clients, I'm just "jumping back in" and blogging about what happens from here forward.

Here you go...I'm back!

my latest summer weddings

Part of the reason I've been so MIA lately - weddings! I've had the great fortune of photographing 3 beautiful weddings within 4 weeks (whew - my husband barely knows me anymore!!!). I feel so close to to these couples and I'm honored that I got to be a big part of their special days. Each was so unique and wonderful in their own way. I wish them the very best!

First (actually last in chronological order) is Ana and Dan. These two lovebirds had so many special touches on their big day. They're outdoorsy people and chose to be married on a bluff overlooking the river. What a dream for a photographer!!! I was elated to capture their big day (and I brought not one but two assistants to make sure that we got every single moment on film). Ana is picking up her images from me tomorrow and I know she's so excited!

Emily and Jake are in the middle of the 3. These two traveled from Hawaii to be married in Wisconsin (the lady at the post office shook her head at that when I told her about the Portrait CD I was mailing out to them). Emily is from here and she was so proud to show off her town. These guys put a TON of thought into everything on their wedding day and it all came together beautifully. Can you believe the mother of the bride made that wedding gown? Wow - such talent!!

Ben and Katrina kicked off the 3 weddings on 8-8-08. They had lots of fun touches on their big day and their relaxed nature was so refreshing. These guys were a breeze to photograph and their love for each was so obvious. I had to laugh at one point during the ceremony. My allergies were acting up, making my eyes water. Naturally I reached for a tissue to wipe my runny eyes. It was at that point that I noticed several guests staring at me, giving me a knowing smile. I immediately realized that they all thought I was choked up from the wedding! Not that it wasn't a touching service, but I was just so embarassed! They all probably thought, "that photographer needs to pull it together!" Yikes! Oh well - the images are beautiful and that's all that matters. Currently I'm putting together a beautiful coffee table album for these two crazy kiddos!

What a beauty!

I have been so lucky this year to have such STUNNING seniors! Maria was no exception. She cracks me up, though, because she's such a dichotomy (that's my big word for the day). She's this incredibly simple, down to earth, farm girl (she didn't even want senior pictures taken) but she's got this stunning shell and there seems to be a part of her that loves to be 'girly.' For example, she informed me that if she had to wear one outfit for the rest of her life, it would be her prom dress! And you'll see, from these pictures, that she does indeed love that thing! :) Anyway, look below for some fantastic pictures of this girl who is certainly going places!